Pass Box

Pass thru boxes / transfer hatchess

In the controlled contamination environments the material transfer from one to another area must be free of contamination risks. The pass-box / transfer hatch eliminate or limits to the maximum the said risks according to its final design and construction.

The pass box /transfer hatch is a stand-alone unit which can be easily integrated with existing or new production areas. It can be installed across the wall or flush. Pass-box is a case in case box constructed with S.S. AISI 304 (under request from Stainless Steel 316) grade sheets; other coated steel version are available on request only.

Doors are controlled by an interlock system. On the external control plates are located all necessary buttons to activate and control the pass-box functions according to the optional functions installed. A standard logic program is set in the factory.

The pass-box can be equipped with ventilation system including an HEPA filter and on the bottom a return perforated plates. The floor mounted Pass-box is complete of a stainless steel cart ramp to facilitate and smoothly introduce the items.