Monobloc chiller with air-cooled condenser.

External installation.

Application sectors

The chillers of this series are ideal for use in combination with fan coils or ventilation and air-conditioning devices in offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers and similar buildings. They are also particularly suitable for cooling water in technological processes.

MiniPower Configuration

Standard configuration

  • Integrated circulation pump and storage tank.
  • Water outlet temperature probes.
  • Safety valves, relays, high and low pressure gauges.
  • Low temperature battery protection device.
  • Dryer filter, oil level indicator.
  • Compressor constant current control device.
  • SAREL μсhiller compact microprocessor control Condenser protection network.

Additional options:

  • Hydronic module integrated with two circulation pumps (1 operating and 1 reserve), or with high head pumps (useful head up to 490kPa).
  • Chiller version without integrated hydronic module.
  • External pump control system.
  • Automatic by-pass valve (solenoid valve).
  • Flow Compressor crankcase heater.
  • Incoming water temperature probe.
  • High condensation pressure probe.
  • Low pressure relay.
  • Connection card with BMS according to the Modbus protocol (RS 485). Fan rotation speed regulator.
  • Version for operation with glycol up to -15С (including fan rotation rotation regulator, compressor crankcase heater, double insulation, R404a refrigerant in case of need).
  • Low temperature version (up to -25С) (including fan rotation rotation regulator, compressor crankcase heating, electric panel heating).
  • Condenser fins in copper or painted aluminum, anticorrosive coating Blygold ..
  • Battery protection antifreeze.
  • Chiller in silent and supersilent version.
  • Other versions on request.

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