Monoblock chiller with air-cooled condenser and radial fans.

For internal installation

The chillers of this series combined with drycoolers, fan coils or ventilation units are ideally suited for data centers, offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, and similar buildings, and are also particularly suitable for cooling water in buildings. technological processes.

InPower Configuration

Standard configuration

  • Integrated hydronic module with manometers circulation pumps.
  • Water inlet / outlet temperature probes (water circuit-glycol solution).
  • Safety valve, relays, high / low pressure gauges ..
  • Flow.
  • Low temperature battery protection device.
  • Dryer filter, oil level indicator.
  • Compressor current constant control device.
  • Expansion valve.
  • Fan rotation speed regulator.
  • Сarel μC ² microprocessor controller.

Additional options

  • Chiller version without hydronic module.
  • Management of external pumps.
  • Chiller remote control display Board for connection with BMS with Modbus protocol (RS 485).
  • Battery for total or partial heat recovery.
  • Phase sequence control device, phase and voltage failure.
  • Soft start compressors.
  • Version for operation with glycol up to -15С (including fan speed regulator, compressor crankcase heater, double insulation, R404a refrigerant if necessary).
  • Low temperature version (up to -25С) (including fan speed regulator, compressor crankcase heater, electric panel heater).
  • Condenser with copper or painted aluminum fins, anticorrosive coating Blygold ..
  • Battery anti-freeze heater Ammeter, Voltmeter.
  • Silent and supersilent versions of the chiller.
  • Other versions on request.

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