Hvac Accessories

Cleanroom air diffusers  with HEPA filters

Nordvent Swiss Tech SA cleanroom diffusers type DCF e DCFH are the ideal solution for the correct treated air distribution to clean environments.  Diffuser are constructed with a special aluminum sheet and profiles  light but robust and completed with different diffusion screen: with swirls effect or microperforated according to the different needs of HVAC system. They can be supplied with side air adduction or top air adduction according to the space available above the ceiling. As standard is present the HEPA filter integrity test sample port.

They can be installed on modular false ceiling and panel ceiling. Different sizes available permit the distribution of different air flow rates and the terminal filtration is available with following efficiency: E 10, E 12, H 13 H 14, U 15.

Perforated return air grilles for Cleanroom

Return grid for controlled contamination environments. It can be equipped with dedicated filter even of higher class, in order to avoid the recyrculation of the contaminants.

Constructed with satin stainless steel AISI 304 box with round edges, frame depth 20/10mm without visible joints. Micro-perforated pickled and satin stainless steel AISI 304 screen, secured through flat screws; air passage 40% of the surface (open area). Back rectangular inlet which can be equipped, on request, with galvanised steel blades regulation damper. Flush structure without gaps for an easy-cleaning with hospital detergents and disinfectant products.