Down Cross

Dispensing, weighing and sampling activity of powder substances have to be carried out under a protection booth with laminar (unidirectional) flow designed to protect the products and at the same time the operator.

The vertical laminar (unidirectional) air flow of a Down-Cross unit provides a class ISO 5 (Class 100 according to Federal Standard 209E), perfect for this type of use.


Pass thru boxes / transfer hatches

In the controlled contamination environments the material transfer from one to another area must be free of contamination risks. The pass-box / transfer hatch eliminate or limits to the maximum the said risks according to its final design and construction.

The pass box /transfer hatch is a stand-alone unit which can be easily integrated with existing or new production areas.


Hvac Accessories

Nordvent Swiss Tech SA offers a complete series of filters, diffusers, intake grilles, dampers and many other air accessories needed to complete cleanroom projects.