Down Cross

Down Cross booth unit for dispensing or sampling

Dispensing, weighing and sampling activity of powder substances have to be carried out under a protection booth with laminar (unidirectional) flow designed to protect the products and at the same time the operator.

The vertical laminar (unidirectional) air flow provides a class <ISO 5 (Class 100 according to Federal Standard 209E) flowing from top of the equipment downstream. Side return grids drive the air flow back to the ventilation system creating the protection air flow. The area inside the laminar flow remains at slight negative pressure towards the surrounding area avoiding the powder substances to be spread in the adjacent room.

The equipment is standard equipped with lighting and manual air flow speed regulator. Other optional on request: automatic air flow regulator, anti-vibration table for scales, textile diffuser.

The Down Cross booth is available in a wide range of standard sizes coverings most of the dimensions requested; customized versions may be manufactured under specific Client’s request.